Quality system certificates

Please find a selection of our quality certificates below for download:

Filename Size ext.
ISO13485_certificate_Fujirebio_Inc 1002.01 KB pdf
ISO13485_2016_N_35086_rev0 249.56 KB pdf
MDSAP_2018_N 35087_rev0 275.16 KB pdf
ISO9001_certificate_Italy 202.31 KB pdf
ISO9001:2015_certificate_Spain 305.9 KB pdf
ISO9001_certificate_France 62.77 KB pdf
ISO_Zertifikat_13485_Fujirebio_Germany 385.45 KB pdf
ISO_Zertifikat_9001_Fujirebio_Germany 448.76 KB pdf
GMP_certificate_Fujirebio_Brazil 600.06 KB pdf
ISO13485:2016 certificate - Fujirebio Diagnosics, Sweden 124.68 KB pdf
CE-certificate - Fujirebio Diagnostics, Sweden 106.86 KB pdf
ISO13485:2003 - Fujirebio Diagnostics, Sweden 122.98 KB pdf
CE Annex VII 26226 Rev2 459.35 KB pdf
CE Annex IV 26227 Rev2 799.54 KB pdf

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